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Your Fashion Label AMEN.FASHION – AMEN Clothing is a fashion label for a world, environmentally and fashion-conscious community, created by Swiss artist Raphael Dudler.
The fashion label is disruptive because it does not produce its own clothing.

Your Fashion Label was conceived at the end of February 2024 and saw the light of day on March 1st. Supported by the community, brings a lot of color & goodness into the day.
There are 88 designs available in the online store, which can be easily downloaded. Each design includes two download files: Fish & Logo. - logo of the fashion label - AMEN Clothing – your FASHION LABEL – YOUR Way is mainly aimed at private individuals who like the idea of the label and want to show it.

Consumers, wearers and fans can apply 88 designs to their own, existing or new clothing. stands for tolerance & the joy of being.

Resellers and retailers receive low-cost licenses to enhance textiles with designs for resale.
All in all, is art on worn textiles with depth and lightness of being.

AMEN.fasion is a fashion label with a fish as its identifying symbol, available in 88 different designs. is a form of commitment by people of different nations and peoples to mutual tolerance, respect and peaceful coexistence.
Fish 01 - one of 88 designs
Fish 78 - one of 88 designs
Fish 88 - one of 88 designs

The visible application of the fish as a fashion or design element on one’s own clothing shows this. By using the word „AMEN“, people of different faiths are directly addressed and united, as it is used in Christianity, Judaism and Islam and is identical in meaning.

In many cultures, the fish is a lucky charm and a symbol of life, joy and fertility. The fish was already in use at the beginning of Christianity as a symbol of common faith. BTW: there is an NFT series of fish to mine yourself.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual and user of this label to apply the fish to their own clothing. We can all do a lot of good, even in small ways. That is why a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the label & logo is donated to charitable organizations. – your fashion – AMEN Clothing

As a disruptive idea in the world of fashion, does not produce or own any textiles itself.

The idea is that the application and use of the label on existing clothing is left entirely to the consumer. It is always up to the consumer and wearer to decide whether to approve the idea of or simply to use it as a fashion accessory on their own textiles. Consumers thus have a significant influence on the development and growth of the label. This also protects the environment, as there is no overproduction of textiles because every downloaded fish is placed on the wearer’s clothing.
Let’s go!

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